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A smoking man sits on the sidewalk next to Allie, the host of the show 'Dope Sick Nation' , where she helps homeless people get into treatment for free.

From Chaos to Creative Success: Allie’s Story

A chaotic childhood pushed Allie into a dangerous lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. It all came to an abrupt end after she was caught dealing and given a 120 year prison sentence at 17 years old. Through rehab, AA, and a faithful friend, Allie rebuilt her life and took charge of her health. Today, she is a successful creative, featured on TV and film, living life to the fullest for the benefit of others.

Calling & Purpose, Career, Inspiration, Service, Spirituality

From Alcoholism and Anxiety to TV Producer & Speaker: Phillip’s Story

Growing up in metro-Detroit, Phillip found comfort in alcohol starting at a young age after the passing of his mother. Today, he’s over ten years in sobriety and works in TV production and as a motivational speaker to high school and college students.

Rhodalynn now empowers women to step into greater wellness after stepping into greater wholeness after dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.
Arts & Creativity, Family, Service

Finding My Heart’s Voice to Overcome Panic Attacks: Rhodalynn’s Story

An unexpected battle with a panic attack and anxiety while leading an international service trip caused Rhodalynn to pursue health and wellness in new ways. Through the experience, she learned how to own her story and engage vulnerably with community; understand her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs; and make space for her passions, including dance, that make her heart come alive. Today, she leads an organization, Wholehearted & Courageous, that helps women discover their voice and value.

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Dig into a content series that empowers individuals on their own personal growth journey. Topics range from the science of addiction to understanding therapy and treatment to discovering connection in life.

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Hope is One Step Away

OneStep is a team of people passionate about living lives of connection, peace, and passion. We see challenges, particularly around mental health and addiction, as opportunities to discover greater experiences of hope, purpose, and health in life. Life is a journey of growth and connection, not perfection. While the challenges around mental health and addiction in today's society are massive, and the costs are tragic and devastating to individuals, families, and communities, hope remains an essential foundation for our work.

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