About OneStep

Hope is one step away.


OneStep is a content platform that inspires, empowers and connects individuals to quality, ethical resources that bring hope and health around mental health and other life challenges. We seek to address the fact that 85% of Americans with addiction challenges are not getting care. By removing barriers to help and hope, OneStep aims to encourage individuals to get help, and start their growth process, sooner.

We are a group of people who have been affected by addiction directly, so we approach these topics from a place of personal experience, appreciation of the challenge, and persistent hope. OneStep recognizes the unique, personal journey that mental health challenges pose, and seeks to aid individuals and families touched by them at multiple points along their journey. Whatever that journey holds, we believe that hope and connection are powerful catalysts for change.


Our hope-filled stories emphasize connection, redemption, and rediscovery of life in the process of overcoming challenges like addiction. OneStep aims to break stigma and shame and change the conversation around addiction and life change. In an attempt to capture authentic stories, some content shared by subjects may not reflect OneStep’s views or that of our team members.


OneStep recognizes the challenges facing individuals and families seeking to understand recovery and find help. What information is reliable?  Who can we trust?  OneStep’s Education section educates and empowers individuals and families affected by addiction. We understand that making choices can be daunting in an ecosystem where there have been cases of unethical behavior and unsavory marketing process. While recovery may hold its challenges, there is hope.

OneStep is not officially aligned with any particular treatment model or treatment provider, and supports the use of evidence-based practices, while recognizing that scientific research is continuing to discover and understand best practices around care for addiction. People find significant, meaningful growth in their recovery process via a range of methods and models, including some untraditional ways.

No matter where you are in your process, hope is one step away.







The OneStep platform does not offer care or treatment directly, but seeks to provide opportunities for individuals and families to connect with resources that can be helpful along the entire recovery journey. To address current challenges around ethical marketing and substandard treatment delivery, OneStep is building a verification system for providers that put quality service provision and patient well-being first. OneStep also links to databases of counselors and therapists, support groups, ancillary education and community services, and treatment providers that offer free or patient-centric treatment.

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